Monday, June 19, 2006

Porky's on University

Straight from the Citysearch editorial:

The Scene
The sign, with the tall top-hatted pig, stands as a defiant porcine reminder that the drive-in will never die. This place seems like it should have carhops, but instead, patrons either motor through the drive-thru or stroll inside and order at the counter. On weekends, classic cars and Harleys hang out here.

The Food
The menu is back-to-the-basics 1950s drive-in fare: burgers, fish sandwiches, chicken, fries, rings and shakes. If you want a bit of everything, get the Cruiser's Combo--a single burger, two pieces of chicken, three big onion rings, an order of fries and a cup of fresh-tasting slaw. The chicken is dark-battered, crumbly and peppery, but the Twin burger, Porky's version of the Big Mac (double burger with cheese, lettuce and the slightest slick of dressing) is a favorite. Ask for extra ketchup and mustard with the twin--it's good, but you'll want to juice it up