Monday, August 28, 2006

Seed Jesus

You wouldn't know it just by a quick glance, but this portrait of Jesus is made entirely from seeds. You know, seeds from plants like mustard seeds and sunflower seeds, etc. Yes, seed art is an actual display at the MN State Fair. While this portrait is indeed impressive, the winner was a portrait done of Lucille Ball. I didn't take a picture of it but I was suprised at how good it was. It looked almost like a painting and had lots of depth and dimension. The gal that did it lives in some tiny town in the middle of nowhere and also submitted a portrait of Ricky Ricardo. I deemed that she was definately talented, but that perhaps she had a bit too much time on her hands to be able to submit not one, but two time consuming, painstaking entries in one year. I wonder if Jesus was upset that he didn't win? Ah well, he probably just turned the other cheek, right?


Julie Du. said...

The seed art is always my FAVE at the MN State Fair! Thanks for the photo.

Annie said...

A great post!