Sunday, September 03, 2006

Princess Kay of the Milky Way

Who doesn't love Princess Kay? Especially when her head is carved in butter! The gals who compete for the Princess Kay are all girls who either live or work on farms and are familiar with how important dairy is to our fair state!

Below is the Midwest Dairy Association's description of Princess Kay:
The young woman who serves as Minnesota's state dairy princess wears the title of Princess Kay of the Milky Way, a name selected in a Department of Agriculture contest over fifty years ago. Princess Kay is crowned each August the night before the opening of the Minnesota State Fair, and she makes appearances not only during the Fair's 12 day run, but all year long.

Here is a bit about this years winner, the 53rd Princess Kay:
St Paul, Minn.– Audrey Mohr, New Ulm, representing Brown County, was crowned the 53rd Princess Kay of the Milky Way in an evening ceremony at the State Fairgrounds Aug. 23. As Princess Kay, Mohr will serve as the official goodwill ambassador for Minnesota’s dairy industry representing approximately 5,400 dairy farmers.

One of Mohr’s first duties as Princess Kay is to sit in a rotating cooler for nearly eight hours on the opening day of the Minnesota State Fair to have her likeness sculpted in a 90-pound block of butter. The butter is made in Minnesota at Associated Milk Producers, Inc. of New Ulm.On each remaining day of the fair, another Princess Kay finalist will have her own likeness sculpted out of butter. Fairgoers can find the butter sculptures on display in the Empire Commons building.

Throughout her year-long reign as Princess Kay of the Milky Way, Mohr will make public appearances to educate consumers about dairy farmers’ commitment to providing wholesome milk and dairy products and caring for their animals and the land.

Princess Kay candidates are judged on their general knowledge of the dairy industry, communication skills, personality and enthusiasm for dairy promotion. The Midwest Dairy Association-Minnesota Division sponsors the Princess Kay program with funds provided by dairy farmers.


Meg Nakagawa said...

Pincess Kay of the Milky Way... The name sounds so archaic it's almost.... new!

Kate said...

Looks great. Nice job, and good job with the whole thread.