Monday, July 23, 2007

Elevator Doors


Anonymous said...

One of the reasons that the City Hall/Courthouse is so elaborate is that the money to build it was appropriated before the stock market crash (when things were more expensive), but actually built at a time when the costs of materials and labor had dropped. This allowed the builders to splurge on the wonderful details that make this a hidden jewel.

Each floor's elevator lobby has a plaque describing the particular set of exotic woods that are used on that floor. In the basement are a set of models for the God of Peace statue showing some of the designs that were not used.

An amazing art deco building.

slinger said...

I'm liking the city hall shots....yet another place I've never visited! A hidden gem it is.

Carol E. said...

You got a nice photo. I tried to photograph these doors and failed miserably.