Saturday, November 03, 2007

Thanks to anon, I now know that this building is NOT in West St. Paul but in St. Paul's West End. I just loved the row house look of it.


slinger said...

Yee Haw!! My old stomping grounds. I grew up about a mile from where you took this photo on George and Ohio Street, which is actually on the West Side. The West End neighborhood is across the High Bridge.

Lucas said...

You should have told me sooner. I don't have many readers/viewers as far as I know, and I am definatly not beyond taking direction. One of these days, I'll head over there and shoot it up and hopefully, take you back to a simpler time!

slinger said...

you should add your website to the city daily photo community. As long as you post one time in 30 days, you'll stay on the list. They have a web portal that scans for new photos and adds them to their site. You'll get a few more readers I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

It's hard the West end/West Side/West St. Paul thing.

West St Paul is to the south. The West Side is called that because it's the only part of the City that's actually on the west side of the Miss River. The West End is (as mentioned) the west end of the high bridge.

Of course, they're all east of Highland Park.

Anonymous said...

That's actually the West Side. The whole chunk over on that side of the river, all the way up to Annapolis St. is the West Side.