Thursday, November 04, 2010

Lancer Service Auto Care

Just kitty corner behind The Gopher Bar is Lancer Auto.  Best freakin' auto shop EVER!  Smart guys, treat the whole car, remember my name every time, OUTSTANDING customer service.  Not the cheapest out there, but their guys aren't just slumming it until something better comes along.  Their employees are passionate about auto repair and customer service, and that wins my business every time.


Carl Thomas said...

Great picture Amy!! Thanks so much for the kind words and we will see you for your next oil service.

Thanks for the business,
Carl, Kevin and the entire Lancer Staff

Lucas said...

OH MY WORD! My auto guys FOUND MY BLOG! :) You are welcome for the high praise. In a world full of college kids working at Jiffy Lube, you guys truly stand out! Thanks for taking such good care of me and my car.

Gumby said...

Hey, I go there too! Just found your blog while searching for photo stuff in St. Paul.
I like your photos... :)
and so sorry for your little kitty. (I lost mine last spring - and still find myself shedding tears now and then.)