Friday, January 14, 2011

Morning Motion

This little flower has been sticking close to home in all this dark, cold, wintery weather so I don't have any fresh new Saint Paul pics.  But this morning, on my way to work, I captured some of the motion of the morning and thought it might make for a nice little photo essay.  Enjoy.

Dunlap and Grand Avenue about 7:20 am.

Grand and Lex.  LOVE the bus in motion!

RR tracks at Grace and Eerie.

Huge snowbanks along Grace Street.

Park next door to my office building.

Treacherous walk from the parking lot.

Coffee fixes everything!
The view from my office window.
Happy Friday everyone!


Clydesdale Jogger said...

I really like the view from your office photo. Can't really put my finger on why. Just nicely composed and interesting. I feel cold when I look at it. Nice job.

Lucas said...

Thanks CJ. :)