Monday, November 07, 2011

Best. Autumn. Ever.

After kicking the ever loving crap out of us hearty Minnesotans last winter, Mother Nature appears to want to kiss and make up, as we are having the warmest, loveliest, most beautiful autumn that I can remember.  Fingers crossed that she's not just prepping us for another ridiculous winter.  Could this just be Lucy holding up the football?  Egads I hope not.


The Captain said...

"I love right now!'

crystal said...

I am new to St. Paul (and your blog!) and I couldn't agree more, I am in love with fall this year!!

Molly said...

Beautiful! I am sorry to be missing it.

Lucas said...

Cappy: ME TOO!!! :)

Crystal: Welcome aboard. I'm proud to have you along!

Molly: I don't know where you are but it's been AWESOME here this fall. And welcome to you as well.

New commenters....FUN!!!