Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mojo Monkey Doughnuts

LOVE the name of this place, but it's lack of signage makes it hard to find. And the fact that they seem to be AWARE of a need for better signage and still haven't put any up after being open for 8 months is a bit annoying (because although I am very familiar with the street it's on, I passed by it twice before I found it).

Doughnuts are hit and miss. I tried a sample, some were great, some were just eh.  Some AMAZING looking treats on the menu weren't available when I was there. Sad trombone!  They have vegan doughnuts but not on a regular basis.  They just have them when they have them.  According to the store employee, if you sign up with them, they'll tweet you when they make the vegan doughnuts.  Uh, what if you don't tweet?

 West 7th

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