Sunday, July 16, 2006

I love Cossetta's. Not just because it's been around since 1911 and there are tons of photos from the old days hanging up, but because everytime I go in there, I feel like I've just stepped into a bustling NYC eatery. Not only is the restaurant good, but the grocery provides a HUGE variety of pastas, sauces, breads and fresh Italian ingrediants that would rival any market in Little Italy.

Here's what Citysearch had to say about it:
There is some method to this lovably Italian madness. To the right, the line for a whopping piece of pizza . To the left, a queue for salads, entrees and pasta. Upstairs, diners squeeze into tables and get friendly. Event nights at the nearby Xcel Energy Center are mildly chaotic. The pizzas--made and thrown by hand for the entertainment of all--is famous. Other choices include mostaccioli in the tongue-tingling marinara, near-perfect lasagna and saucy meatball sandwiches


Kate said...

Yes, it is a great place to eat. You captured the look of the building quite well!

slinger said...

I must tell you, wifey and I had our very first date at Cosetta's. I had been going to the resturant since they were a couple blocks down the street and they had no indoor seating, you grabbed your sodas out of a cooler by the door after you paid for it.

What's even stranger was I drove down 7th street two days ago and snapped a bunch of photos for my photo site. Then saw a couple of places that were from Kate's photo site and was laughing inside.

So yeah, this photo of yours I'm quite fond of.

Anonymous said...

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