Friday, April 06, 2007

Whole Foods

Once I got over being intimidated by this grocery store, I found that they carried some amazing seafood, sausages, cheeses and they have one hell of a salad bar, which is hard to find around these parts. I'm not an organic kind of girl. Why pay twice as much for apples with worm holes? I'll take the chemicals thankyouverymuch. They haven't killed me yet so I think I'll keep on rollin' the dice! But there are some wonderful things you can only find at Whole Foods. Plus, I love the wonderful mural on the side of the building.


Gerald England said...

Hi Lucas

Can I please urge you to update the links on your site.

Several of the links are out of date, but worse, one of them now leads to a malware spawning website. It really needs to be cleared out.

best wishes as your site complements the other St Paul DPs nicely.

Lucas said...

Thank you Gerald! I have been sadly neglecting my little photo blog. I cleared out the outdated links and hope to post some new photos soon! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

This being the Whole Foods Market on Fairview. I'm still intimidated by the place. Mostly I end up going in there and wandering around aimlessly.

Unlike when I shop at the Trader Joe's on Excelsior. Great store, but more like shopping in someone's pantry due to how small it is. After a couple of visits it's like "why bother...I can't deal with the elbowing anymore".