Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Outdoor Ice Rinks

One of the reasons I love Minnesota is because these people never stay indoors. Snow everywhere and freezing cold temps? Fabulous! Let's go ice skating! During the winter months, outdoor ice rinks pop up all over! They are home to NHL hopefuls and Kristi Yamaguchi wannabe's. Here is one I found near my work.


slinger said...

Nice. I keep saying to my wife as we pass a lit up ice rink that I want to come back and photograph it some night when there are kids playing hockey there. I want to capture a bit of movement in the frame.

Lucas said...

Yeah. Sadly, this rink was empty when I swung by.

Pema said...

Where exactly is this? I just got some new skates last night, and I've never really ice skated... so i want to find a nice empty rink to go learn at.